August 5th, 2016

Pinup Donald Rust

Раст родился в 1932 году в Пенсильвании. Он начал писать картины в очень раннем возрасте, однако, никогда даже мысли не допуская о том, чтобы стать профессиональным художником. Дональд писал работы, опираясь на творчество своего дедушки, Эмиля Раста, Гила Элвгрина и Нормана Роквелла. Однако, он всегда отмечал, что нет такого художника, творчество которого бы сформировало стиль живописи Раста. Скорее, от каждого конкретного произведения он получал необходимые навыки.
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The Art of Donald Rust.

Born in 1932 in Pennsylvania,Donald Rust  has illustrated books for Valkyrie Press, A.S. Barnes & Co, and World of Yesterday Publications; and has provided illustrations for Reader's Digest and other magazines. His artwork has also appeared on collector's plates, appointment books, wall calendars, porcelain mugs, playing cards and jigsaw puzzles. We, of course, are most interested in his girly art.
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Pinup Coles Phillips

Clarence Coles Phillips

Clarence Coles Phillips, 1880-1927

The Illustrators:

Clarence Coles Phillips (1880-1928), is best known for his “fadeaway girl” illustrations he created in the 1910s and 1920s.

Originally from Springfield, Ohio, Phillips attended school there before moving to New York to become an artist.

After three months of night classes at Chase School of Art, he started a small short-lived advertising agency. His watercolors first appeared in Life Magazine in 1907.

By 1910 he was creating magazine covers for Life using his popular device of blending the main figure's dress with the background color.

Working from life rather than photographs, Phillips frequently used his wife as a model for his popular covers for Good Housekeeping, Life, and many advertising illustrations for consumer products of the 1920s. He died prematurely in 1927 from a kidney ailment.

His artistic style in the 1920s supplanted the earlier post-Victorian “Gibson Girl” made popular by the illustrations of Charles Dana Gibson.

Phillips' uncluttered compositions, his strong sense of design and use of color keep his paintings as contemporary today as when he produced them.

His biography can be found on Wikipedia and other Web sources, as well as in many books.

Check the Image Galleries for more examples of the work of Coles Phillips.

Note cards featuring this art are available through Zazzle at the Windgate Time Machine.

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Joe Chiodo is a name not unknown to comic book aficionados. The youngest of four boys, Chiodo would grow up to be one of the comic book industry’s most sought after cover illustrators and colorists. His popularity rose during the 1990′s as he contributed cover illustrations for the group of artists who would form the […]

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